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On Memorial Day

Young Dancer Performs To Jackson Songs, Tunes

Jermier Kirk performed dances to a variety of Michael Jackson songs, mesmerizing a Memorial Day audience.

The 8-year-old performed taking advantage of a smoke-screen that accompanied each dance.

In one performance, the smoke-screen cleared and the young dancer did a split, then turned his head, mimicking the famous rock star while wearing a wolf mask as the Jackson song, “Thriller,” played.

The young dancer did a “Mook-walk” across the stage, all while “Billie Jean” (another Michael Jackson hit) played.

As the song continued to play, the young entertainer did another split and lifted himself up wearing a gold hat.

The Memorial Day festivities attracted a crowd of youngsters who were treated to food and other edible treats, as well as a “moon bounce,” etc., all made possible by Gary Rogers, Tory Kelley, Leroy Flenory, Lonnie Ballard, Gerald Kirk, Shelisa Rogers, Dian and Bill Allen, and Ronny Kirk. ...To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper