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Security Guard Reunites Man wWith Lost Ring

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Fifteen years ago Lonnell Alexander sat down to take a final exam at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Alexander, who would habitually clink his Wewoka High School basketball state semifinals ring and his class ring together, took them off to focus and walked out of his final without them.

Alexander said he has relentlessly called the university almost every year since, with no luck, and was beginning to lose hope that he would ever find the ring--that’s when he received a Facebook notification, alerting him that he had been tagged in a post searching for the owner of the ring.

Lacey Caddell, a security guard at Remington Park, said she first noticed the ring in the lost in found when she began working at the racetrack in October. Several months passed and she continuously came across the ring, until one day, she decided to try to find the owner.

“I came across it for a third time and I was like ‘OK, this time I’m serious, I have to find the owner,’ ” Caddell said.

Caddell said she turned to social media and created a detailed Facebook post containing several images of the ring. About 16 people shared the post, Caddell said, and not too long after, someone who knew Alexander tagged him.

‘It was straight hugs’

“I was at my office and we were wrapping up doing a clothing drive and I was separating the clothes out, bagging them up, and my phone buzzes ‘ding, you’ve got a Facebook notification,’ ” Alexander said. “As soon as I saw it, I was like ‘I need a number and an address, I’m on the way right now.’ ” Caddell said she felt it was very important for her to reunite Alexander with his ring in person and waited a couple hours past when she was supposed to be off work to give the ring to him.

“‘I’m like no, he’s gotta get here and I have to personally give him this ring,’ ” Caddell said.

When the two met up, Caddell and Alexander said it was like they had known each other for years. “It wasn’t handshakes, it was straight hugs,” Alexander said....To read more, subscribe to the blackchronicle newspaper