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W/ Shumate

OU circulates audit of Shumate’s vehicle use, again denies SAE plans

1. High tech lynching 2. Others got extensive severance pay, not him 3. Way he was fired 4. President not aware of how things happened 4. Two VP (black) in cabinet 4. Cal Harper = provost = both blacks under him record of hiring blacks minorities 5. Questionable race issues 3. Presently no deans at OU are black 5. Earning no = cost them $26 million because of way they handled 6. June 12 = he got letter = Norman trancer pt priveted 5. They lied = Shumate never saw audit 7. Prouose = mid east descent = told Boren not to handle this = frat told by Boren that he would not want Shumate his salary, wanted nothing to be named “black” 8. Thanksgiving trip = he has offices in Tulsa

Corp Cmsn

11. Jeff Cloud = was number of frats = pushed Clay Bennett to reinstate frat SAE 12. Wheels in motion to reinstate frat (ask emails related to SAE frat related to plans on SAE return 12. No one now in charge of office 13. OSU’s diversity reports to president 14. Effect recruiting sports = to be hurt 15. Not one person on exec cabinet meeting = black 16. Get Norman transcripts story on audit 15. Call Harper is provost at OU was earlier a student wrote articles expressing right wing views on women’s studies, race two blacks at OU 18. Gallagher immediately began to undo advances made under Boren demoted Biscoe and Associate VP, not VP 19. Gallagher fired anyone having to do with Boren gave severance pay not to Shumate 20. Pres ran oil company and gave $30 million donation OU (wife) 21. March 20 = meeting = when SAE = counsel told Shumate = office space = raises objection = with direction of real estate general counsel and shumate

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