McPherson Not a Suspect!

Detective Interviews, Released from Jail

By THOMAS E. SEWARD - Chronicle News Services

Deaunte R. McPherson, the only person arrested in the case involving the kidnapping and robbery of men responding to an app a dating service, has been released from jail and is not a suspect, a police spokesman confirmed.

Yesterday, Mr. McPherson told The Black Chronicle that he believes a detective who interviewed him became convinced he had nothing to do with the crimes and ordered his release.

The crimes were committed at a southwest Oklahoma City home, according to police records, and Mr. McPherson is a longtime resident of Forest Park, an upscale suburban town located near northeast Oklahoma City.

Mr. McPherson said he is mystified why he was ever a suspect in the kidnapping and robbery crimes.

The crimes were committed on Saturday, Sept. 8.

He said he was with his nine children at his home when Oklahoma City officers arrested him on Sunday, Sep5. 9.

He was released on Friday.

A spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department said the department was seeking other suspects.

A Black man and a Hispanic man were identified by victims as perpetrators.

“The whole experience has taken a toll on my life,” Mr. McPherson said Wednesday.

“I was pretty much traumatized by this whole situation,” he went on. “This is especially hard on my kids.”

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