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Local Attorney Says He’ll Pay for Name Changes

Doing the Right Thing

One of two Teachers of the Year of Mustang High School, CWO (ret.) Omar Jones, didn’t say that he was “humbled” to have been chosen.

“They made a mistake,” he quipped.

One of two Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps instructors of a nationally recognized program, he reasoned there won’t be any questions on an ACT about his being named.

JROTC is a leadership class. It teaches perseverance in the face of adversity, teamwork and good decision-making.

He asked his students to help him fill in the blank on one of his Teacher of the year nomination forms.

The retired chief warrant officer asked the kids, “What do I teach you?”

They agreed; CWO Jones teaches them about life.

He has a lot of experience from which to draw.

He was born in Los Angeles, but grew up largely in Toledo.

Money was tight and the family moved a lot....

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