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On Tuesday

Voters Set to Decide On Authorizing Bonds

voters will decide

On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to approve 15 propositions that allow for the Issuance of bonds that will allow for making improvements on Oklahoma City roads and bridges, and giving raises to police officers and firefighters.

Voters supported a $75 million measure in a 2007 bond issue intended to bring quality jobs to town and to keep them here.

That effort, which so far has expended about $64 million through the Oklahoma City Economic Development Trust’s Strategic Investment Program, appears to have done what it proposed to accomplish.

In June, the program had active agreements worth about $43.1 million with 16 employers that promise to create more than 6,600 jobs.

Just over 1,900 jobs have been created so far, but if all of those jobs are created, it’s estimated those companies would spend more than $740 million to bring in workers who would earn about $417.4 million annually...

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