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MRIS Use Examined In a Study

Oklahoma’s largest ever breast cancer research trial is set to begin in July, with researchers hoping to find cancers that a mammogram cannot detect.

Over the next three-years, the trial will bring in 4,000 women who have had a mammogram that was interpreted as normal, according to guidelines used by the Mercy Breast Center in Oklahoma City.

“We miss the majority of women who are heading straight towards having breast cancer,” said Alan Hollingsworth, medical director of the center.

“It is going to be a huge undertaking.”

Trials will begin July 1.

The researchers have developed a new breast cancer risk-prediction model based on computer-aided image analysis of certain breast features.

The new model was created after 2,000 images were reviewed and an image analysis system was developed to see minor changes in breast tissue.

The research model aims to identify women who are excluded from current breast magnetic resonance imaging guidelines, but have a higher risk of developing hidden cancers that can be detected by MRI.

Researchers also will evaluate women with elevated lifetime cancer risks that...

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