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Millwood Public Schools

Soul Bowl

made a decision earlier this week

Millwood Public Schools made a decision earlier this week to look at the University of Central Oklahoma football stadium located in Edmond, Oklahoma and other alternative venues for their upcoming rivalry varsity football game versus Douglass High School affectionately known in the Oklahoma City community as Soul Bowl, and also gives the winning school bragging rights for being, “The Pride of the Eastside.”

The Soul Bowl game has pitted the Millwood Falcons versus the Douglass Trojans for over 41 years and with both schools with predominantly black student populations and both schools located in the Northeast quadrant of Oklahoma City the game became a great natural rivalry. The game has been played at each school respective football stadiums over the 41 years and has become one of the largest community events in attendance in Northeast Oklahoma City. The home team for each year of the Soul Bowl controls where the game will be played.

The Soul Bowl game is scheduled to be played currently at Millwood High School football stadium located at 6724 N. Martin Luther King Avenue in Oklahoma City, on Saturday, September 9th, 2017. The decision to explore an alternative site for the upcoming 2017 Soul Bowl game made many in Oklahoma City concerned and upset that was expressed over social media this week. The upset people do not want to see Soul Bowl possibly being moved away from Millwood High School and out of Northeast Oklahoma City.

Millwood Public School officials Superintendent Cecilia Robinson-Woods, Athletic Director Shannon Woods, Head Football coach Darwin Franklin, President of Millwood Public Schools Board of Education Christopher Harrison and board member Milo Wilson were on The Open Mic Talk Show heard in Oklahoma City on KRMP AM/FM Heart and Soul 92.1 & 1140, Tuesday, June 6th and explained that the reason for looking at UCO football stadium and others were due to the Millwood High School football stadium cannot continue to accommodate the large crowds that attends Soul Bowl. They also stated that Millwood’s football stadium is over four decades old and was built to accommodate only 1,500 patrons and with the 2017 Soul Bowl expecting over 2,000 in attendance, the accommodations for the fans has to be considered a top priority.

Superintendent Robinson-Woods stated, “the final decision has not been made, but ultimately will decide on the venue that will best meet the needs of the students, families, community and alumni”, she also acknowledges that it may not be the most popular decision.


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